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  1. Rip up old hardboard
  2. Pull out all the nails that didn't come out with the hardboard
  3. Check that you've really pulled out all the nails
  4. No really, check again...
  5. Sweep up all the muck and junk that you've created and throw it out
  6. Walk over each of the floorboards and check for cracks, splits and other damage
  7. Pull out split or cracked boards and replace with plywood/reinforce subsided boards
  8. Get 25 4'by8' sheets of 3.2mm hardboard
  9. Lay an 18mm 4'x8' plywood board on the floor
  10. Lay down a sheet of hardboard on the plywood.
  11. Make sure it's square and not hanging over any edge.
  12. Mop the hardboard sheet with water. Don't saturate it, but get it consistantly damp.
  13. Lay another sheet of hardboard on top of the first board.
  14. Repeat 10-13 for all the hardboard
  15. Cap top of hardboard with a second 4'x8' 18mm plywood sheet
  16. Pile as much weight as possible evenly over the plywood.
  17. Leave over night.
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