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Auditions happen three times in the first semester. Usually they are approximately week one, week five and week eleven, though it can vary. At an average session all of the shows for the next 'block' will audition at the same time, so that the actors can be pulled in en masse and to allow them to try for several parts.

The front doors of the theatre are shut so that every possible space can be used to hold auditions (there can be up to 12 shows using the space at the same time). The auditionees ring the side door-bell and come into the auditorium. On the back wall are descriptions of the plays. Once the auditionee has decided which ones he/she fancies trying for (the more the better) they take a script from the front of the stage, have a practice and then queue at the appropriate space.


Recalls generally happen a couple of days after the last session of auditions. Those who are recalled will read their name on the recall lists which go up on the side door of Bedlam the evening of the last audition session. The recalls work differently from auditions in that each director has much more flexibility and is free to run the recalls in any way he/she wishes.

Casting Meeting

After the recalls the Productions Manager chairs a meeting of all the directors, who each go through the cast-list they have devised. The aim of this meeting is to ensure that no actor is cast in a rediculous number of shows at one time. Ultimately decisions come down to the actors' preference forms, which they fill out at the recalls and failing that a nail-biting phone call.