D.B.O., The

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The D.B.O. is a techie-themed cocktail devised and executed for the first time at NSDF 2006.


  • The D.B.O. - a collection of faders and a grand master.
  • Fader - one member of a D.B.O., comes in two varieties - flash and solo.
  • Flash - a coke-bottle topped up with Jack Daniels, of equivalent strength to a double jack and coke.
  • Solo - a coke-bottle topped up with Jack Daniels, of equivalent strength to a triple jack and coke.
  • Grand Master - a Jack Daniels bottle partially emptied while making flashes and solos refilled with coke, of equivalent strength to whatever you can drink without sweating JD back out of your eyeballs.


The D.B.O. is very simple to make. You need:

  • A six-pack of glass coke-bottles
  • A 2-litre bottle of coke
  • A bottle of Jack Daniels
  • A leatherman
  • LX Tape

Once you have all of these things:

  • Open each coke bottle in turn, carefully, preferably with the leatherman. Try to damage the cap as little as possible.
  • Take a swig from the top of the opened bottle. For a flash, take a small swig. For a solo, take either two small swigs or one large swig.
  • Top the bottle up with Jack Daniels
  • Place the cap back onto the lid of the bottle and crimp it down using the leatherman.
  • LX Tape around the cap and top of the completed fader to seal it. If sharing the D.B.O. with friends, LX Tape with your personal colours. If making a solo, mark with an extra ring of LX around the neck for easier identification later.
  • When all bottles of coke have been made into faders, top the now somewhat less full JD bottle up with coke from the 2-litre bottle to make the Grand Master.
  • Go to party


  • Hitting a solo has a more drastic effect than hitting a flash, and is more likely to make you look like a fool. Do it with care.
  • Pulling down all of the faders at once is more likely to result in a personal D.B.O. than sampling just one fader at a time.
  • If it all goes tits up, you can always go straight to D.B.O. by throwing down the Grand Master. Just try not to throw it up again unless you're absolutely sure nobody's watching.


  • Submaster - A fader with a dash of lime added for taste.
  • Inhibitor - Like a fader but in reverse. Take a swig from a JD bottle and top it up with a dash of coke.
  • FX Fader - Start with a bottle of diet coke. Before drinking, drop a packet of mentoes into the bottle.
  • Cues - If this all isn't geeky enough for you, before starting on a new fader be sure to announce to those around you "LXQ1, standby... and go." Then down it. Side-effect: People will stop talking to you.

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