Guide to Teching a Show

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NB: I found this in the old theatre manager's manual, it's some useful information although it could stand to be updated. I am copying it here verbatim and throwing the paper copy away.

Bedlam Theatre Tech Get In Guide

  • Give Technical Manager a full lighting plan of what you are going to rig, at the latest a week before the first performance of the show. Include gel numbers (remembering that Bedlam stock gel is exclusively Lee Filters), lantern positions and for mainterms only a preferred patch.
  • Inform the Technical Manager (and Theatre Manager as required) of any special effects that you are going to be using such as Pyrotechnics, strobes, naked flames etc so that necessary inspections can be arranged as required.
  • In the case of a Lunchtime or Extraordinary show, discuss the Mainterm rig that you will be working around with the Mainterm Technical Director so that you are both aware of each others' plans and schedules. For Lunchtimes, this also allows you to work out what stock (if any!) you have to use for your own specials.
  • The length of your get-in will depend on the complexity of your show, but it is important to plan your get-in to ensure you don't run out of time. Make sure you include time for rigging, focussing and plotting lights as well as any work you will have to do on sound. Liase with your stage manager to ensure you are using your time in the theatre efficiently - for example, set could be painted in the box office while the auditorium is dark for focussing.
  • Arrange with the Theatre Manager as to which committee member will be opening and closing the building for you at any time you have the building. See the rehearsal schedule on the office pinboard as to these specific times. Tech tends to happen at unsociable hours of the day, but don't overlook time during the day (9am-4pm), which can be booked on the office notice board.
  • During the Get In, should equipment seriously malfuction or not function at all that would seriously endanger the chances of your show opening at all contact the Technical Manager straight away. This does not include one or two lanterns not functioning that would look nice or compromise the audience experience, but more serious problems such as nonfuctioning dimming or amplifiers. If lanterns don't function, label them as non functioning, and inform the TEchnical Manager the next day. For serious problems such as listed above contact the Technical Manager as a matter of urgency as if these problems affect your show they will almost certainly affect other shows as well.
  • Should a lamp blow in a lantern at any time during the run, replace it from the stocks kept in the lamp store. Ensure you use the correct lamp and replace it according t omanufacturers' instructions. Notify the Technical Manager of any lamp changes to ensure that stocks can be maintained at necessary levels.
  • When using Bedlam stock gel, there should always be sufficient gel in the store trays of the correct sizes for your shows to use. Do not cut larger gels down to size to fit your lanterns. There should not be the need to cut from rolled gel either as the Technical Manager will have checked stocks angainst your lighting plan in the previous week and ensured enough stock is available pre-cut. When using specially ordered non-stock gel, cut it to the correct size and number it using the convention L#XXX for Lee Number XXX or if using Rosco Gel R#XXX.
  • If you are rigging with another show already having rigged and focussed their design, be courteous and be careful with usage of the rig so as not to compromise that design.
  • If you need help with your get in, the Technical Manager will almost always be able to find some willing help!
  • Always be sure you know how to do something before you do it. Keep safety in mind at all times, and ask if you are unsure or feel unsafe. Never work when you are alone in the building.

Bedlam Theatre Get Out Requirements

Unfortunately in the Bedlam due to the fact that the space does not have to be completely cleared and all stock returned to rental firms, combined with the fact that the TEchnical Manager is not usually present at get outs, the skill of doing a full Get Out has blargely been forgotten. Therefore here is the structure and contents of a get out expected by the Committee and more importantly the people in the space after yourselves. Apologies for the extremely patronising tone of theis exhaustive checklist but the obvious things are not always done.

Remember that this is just the tech requirements for a Get Out. The Theatre Manager will have their own set of requirements that need to be carried out as well.

  • strip the rig of all fittings that are specials to your show and those which are not required by currently running shows or future shows, as your discussions with the respective Technical Directors will have allowed you to find out.
  • Remove all gels from lanterns and return them to the correct places in the Gel store i.e. place them in numerical order in the correct tray after the correct divider.
  • Slide all shutters as far in as possible.
  • Close all barndoors as approripate.
  • Return all fully functional lanterns to the lantern store and place them on the correct bars.
  • Place all lanterns that have problems on the bar marked AWAITING REPAIR unless the problem is easily fixed, such as a blown lamp. Inform the tech manager of all changed lamps so that stock levels can be maintained at trequired levels.
  • Remove all 15A TRS extensions used on the rig or for other cable runs. Take off all tapes from these cables and coil them, securing them coiled with LX tape. Place them on the correct post.
  • Take all tape off any LX bars and pipes used.
  • Clear all memories that you have used in the Lighting Desk. Also clear all memory cards that you have used. NEVER CLEAR ANY CUES THAT YOU HAVE NOT PROGRAMMED SPECIFICALLY FOR YOUR SHOW, AS THIS COULD COMPROMISE OTHER SHOWS.
  • Tidy the tech box, removing all your show's equipment, all personal gear and music, emptying the bins and place a new liner in the bin and hoovering the floor. This may not seem always necessary, but it is to be done to maintain the operating life of our equipment.
  • Place any hired equipment against the stage right wall. Ensure that gear especially cables and kettle leads are not marked with red and yellow LX, as they are Bedlam geare, but marked with the hire company's colours. In the case of Blacklight this is blue and red LX tape. Include any spare lamps supplied by the copany along with any blown lamps from their lanterns otherwise your show will be charged for the lamps.

This should be done immediately after the last performance of your show. Lunchtime and extraordinary get outs should take no longer than one hour. Lunchtimes in mainterm weeks should consult the mainterm technical director and techincal manager as to what degree of get out is required from your team and at what time, so as not to compromise the mainterm focus. Mainterm get outs have the time immediately after their last show and up to two hours on the morning of the next day.

Any show not fulfilling all the requirements of the get out as listed above, in the specific time slots will have a percentage of their deposit cheque removed. This removal is at the discretion of the technical and/or theatre managers. Should shows have money removed from their cheque they will be informed at the next company meeting after the get out.