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This is a beta page for the management of Improverts Technical for Fringe 2006. Obviously, I'll be watching this page like a HAWK, a HAWK I tell you, for rogue edits and I'll be laying the smackdown on anybody who tries any sabotage. Meanwhile if you have constructive edits, this IS a wiki. Get to it.

--Xander 15:05, 24 June 2006 (GMT)

If you're making a personal comment on this page, please remember to leave your name! Otherwise I don't know who is talking...

--Xander 12:17, 14 July 2006 (BST)


Drop Tracks

If you know of a drop track (the track we use to introduce the first Improvert) that we should be using instead of these old dogs, list it, let me know.

  • Everybody Rock the Dinosaur - Was (Not Was) (an oldie, but a good track!)
  • Fire - (I am the God of Hell and Fire... And I bring you...FIRE!) by a 70's glam rock band who's name escapes me The Crazy World Of Arthur Brown - CS
  • Song 2, Blur
  • Battle Without Honor Or Humanity, Kill Bill Soundtrack
  • China Girl, David Bowie
  • Gay Bar, Electric 6
  • Year 3000, Busted (only started using in the last year, not used too often but then - it is Busted)
  • Brimfull of Asha, Cornershop
  • Any big hit by Fatboy Slim
  • Unbelivable, EMF -- I don't have this track. Somebody help? - Xander
  • A Little Less Conversation, Elvis vs JXL (this host intro is so old it's on the Improvert themes CD)
  • Sell Out, Reel Big Fish - of course! -- I don't have this track. Somebody help? - Xander
  • Oasis, Roll With It

Work In Progress

From Rusholme With Love, Mint Royale
Needs remixing a little
Lucky Star, Basement Jaxx
With a little encouragement, I think the first ten seconds of this track could work like a badass
Sugar is Sweeter, CJ. Bolland
Has a small drop that needs beefing up a bit.
All Systems Go, Box Car Racer
Er, this track is emo. BUT IT'S GOT A DROP.
Block Rockin' Beats, Chemical Brothers
Could work with remixing, but the drop isn't really phat enough.
Holding Out for a Hero, Bonny Tyler


Help me find tracks for all of those music-needing moments in an improverts show. The "got this?" column refers to whether I've got it, not you. If you've got it and I haven't, let me know.

Theme Tracks
Theme Suggested Track When you might use this theme Got this?
Heroic/Sad Adagio For Strings A hilarious re-enactment of the bit where all the soldiers get shot READY
Elizabethan Greensleeves 2 Genres, etc READY
The Smallest violin in the World Sad Times
Wedding Bridal Chorus, Wagner No organ, but the right sound READY
Horror/Suspense Jaws READY
Horror/Murder Psycho Theme For playing when someone is actually getting stabbed or something READY
Cheesy Disco Staying Alive Wrong decade, but the best I can think of for now READY
Hardcore Rave Pearls Girl, Underworld It's not cheesy disco READY


Does anyone remember the Hamlet cigar ads "Happieness is..." and the music that went with it? I think its 'Air On A G String' by JS Bach. Its a great bit of music that will work well for the fringe as we have an older audience who will know the music from the hamlet ads. Not quite sure what to use it with as I haven't heard it for ages, I just know its a very good evocative piece of music. Dave.

The piece is indeed 'Air On A G String' by J.S. Bach, and the slow jazz version in the Hamlet adverts was by Jacques Loussier. I've got a copy of both verisons which I'll leave in the theatre at the Saturday rehearsal, if anyone wants to play with it! - CS

I seem to have the non-jazz version of this piece on my laptop, so I've catalogued it in the 'Emotions' playlist under "intense". Could work for a few games, perhaps Freeze, if the mood is right. Xander


Many of these games have themes already, but maybe we can update them a bit. Improverts Game List

Suggestions welcome (we do have an intro for Space Jump, after all)

Well if you're going for dramatic classical style there's always Carmen Burana O Fortuna. More Impy maybe a bit of I Hope You Die, the Bloodhound Gang. - Raechel ... I'll check 'em out. We've been using an edit of Madonna's "Die Another Day" - Xander ... I think they used to use 'Old Before I Die' by Robbie Williams, it should be on some of the older imps CDs. Bit outdated now, tho' - CS

Emotional Rollercoaster
Suggestions welcome (currently using Chris’s’ 'love rollercoaster')
The Maple Leaf Rag/Grandstand (or can we do better than this?)

There are actually two intros for Commentator; one to introduce the game and one to start the scene (could swap it with Ski Sunday at some point, previous fringes have used "Gladiators")

News/Interview games
ATM we only have a news (or chat show) theme for the start of these scenes, do we want something new for these intros?

In past shows people have substituted "Have I Got News For You" & "Drop The Dead Donkey" - CS

Should Have Said
Has a kinda freestyle jazz intro, suggestions welcome.
Traditionally doesn't have music. Time to change that? How about Madonna's Frozen? ... We tried 'Ice Ice Baby' on Monday's rehearsal, it worked quite well. :) - Xander
Pope In A Crisis
Enigma just isn't quite right. Suggestions welcome.

Mission Impossible? - RM

It Just Gets Worse
ATM we use Billy Connolly’s "Supergran" though the quality is rubbish can we do any better?
Spin Doctor
We have to find something better than Two Princes by the Spin Doctors
Its a new game, any suggestions? (not Thunderbirds or Rosie and Jim)

Rolling Stones - Under My Thumb? - FT ABBA - I'm A Marionette? - CS

Clap Switcharoo
I have a edited version of Will Smith's Switch, will bring it on Monday (if I show up)
3 Way Dubbing
traditionally uses same theme as 2 Genres
American Musical
No music cues in game, given the players sing the songs. Uses the theme from Dallas as intro.
Chain Murder
theme from Tales Of The Unexpected
Development Hell
starting theme is same as 2 Genres (sic), 3 contained scenes usually use "Vision On" and the 20th Century Fox fanfare. This may need changing.
Da Doo Ron Ron
No music cues in game, given the players sing the song. We currently use the original "Da Doo Ron Ron" (The Crystals, 1963) for the start, and a song based on one of the four suggestions at the end, or "Da Doo Ron Ron" again.
Mouse Thieves
Recently reinstated, it uses the song "Hoots Mon!" by Lord Rockingham's XI. If you don't know what I'm talking about, it's the one that goes "Hoots Mon, there's a moose, loose, aboot this hoose!".
Games that already have themes that really don't need to change
Space Jump, MacGuyver, Inner Monologues, Two Genres, Endowment
Games that haven't been played recently
AdBreak, Alien Interview, Bloopers, Boris, Celebrity Cafe, DVD Player, Entrances & Exits, Evening Call, Half-life, In A... With A... While..., Penalty!, Quantum Leap, Red Alert!, Scene With A Corpse, Stunt Doubles, Techie Rollercoaster, Translation Opera, Voice From Above, Wait... There Are Ninjas!, Warning Team!

I also think we should have some generic tunes for when a new (or just unexpected) game comes up (we have used endowment like this at times can we find more songs to fill the gap)

The Team

If you want to join the team, I suggest you email me at rather than editing this list directly - you won't end up on the email list I keep in a secret place on my secret webserver and thus will probably miss out on some important announcements in the future.

Imps Team 2006
Name Preference Core Team? Availability Notes Prev Avail
Alistair Marshall Both PEND THU FRI
Chris Stephen Sound 21st - 25th August (+ adj. weekends)
Colleen Patterson Training(Lights) PEND Available from 23rd July FRI SAT
Dave Larking Fill-in PEND Can rehearse evenings and weekends
Felix Trench Fill-in Around towards the end of the Fringe for monkeying
Heather Hanshaw Lights PEND
Helena Larkin Training(Sound) PEND Is also Box Office Manager
Kati Hind Lights PEND
Lauren McLeod Lights PEND Happy to fill gaps
Marcus Roche Sound PEND
Nicola Cross Training PEND
Raechel Monteith Lights PEND
Richard Bell Sound PEND Mostly panicing about his project but could be available in an emergency
Ruth Wilkinson Lights Yes
Tom Gregory Training/Fill in PEND Available most of August, but unable to attend rehersals.
Tommy Galliano Training PEND Available from 1st August


Will be scheduled to operate the lighting desk
Will be scheduled to operate the sound desk
Has expressed an interest in learning tech and will be scheduled to second desks in the first few weeks (hopefully operating later)
Insufficient time to train, will be called on to folo, and maybe second a desk occasionally

Preliminarily, desks will be scheduled with two operators for any one show. The operator will usually be familiar with the equipment and with the nature of teching an Improverts show. The second may or may not have the same familiarity, and should have the chance to learn in order to operate later in the Fringe.

A preference implies that you will be able to handle operating the specified desk on your own.

Anybody can second any desk, and nearer the Fringe I'll be trying to timetable people onto desks that they are particularly interested in messing with and/or learning.