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Pyrotchnics are explosives used to create a stage effect. They come in several forms from several suppliers and are normally fired using "pods" and a "firing unit". The Pyro or "det" is placed in a pod and the pod is cabled to the firing unit. Most hire companies will supply you with "Bulgin" cable to connect the two. This is normally just two core cable with nice connectors to prevent people messing about.

When using Pyro be careful the firing unit will have a key to turn it on. Ensure you have this key in your pocket unless your activly about to fire an effect, this prevents idiots hurting themselves or you while you load effects. If an effect misfires treat it like a firework, wait a bit disconnect the firing unit and douse it with some water.

The most common pyros are "Pyroflash" from Le Maitre. These come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. And operate as described above.

Product Effect
Gerbs and Flashes - Use Standard Pods
Mini Gerbs A tall spray of fine sparks, ~1m wide and 4m high lasts 7secs
Coloured Mini Gerbs As the mini gerbs but with additional red or green stars.
Silver Jet An instantanous dense vertial spray of silver sparks ~1m wide and 6m high, reduced height of 3.5m avalible.
Silverstar A bang, a flash and a shower of silver sparks out to about 2.5m. Pyro as we think of it!
Coloured Stars Like the Silver star but with coloured chips added. Comes in Red, Green or Amber.
Goldenstar Like the silver star but much more subduded, really for film and TV use.
Glitter Stage Mines Dramatic sparkling stage mines. A plume of glitter stars approximately 2 metres wide is propelled upwards to a height of approximately 6 metres. Think large indoor fireworks!
Glitter and Confetti - Use Angled Pods
Streamer Cartridge An explosion of multicoloured streamers blasted up to about 6m. Massive party poppers!
Large Chinese Confetti Cartridge A cascade of "Chinese Confetti", these are strips of paper that float gently to the ground after being blasted up 6m.
Large Confetti Cartridge An explosion of coloured confetti about 5m up. Lots of little messy bits. Yes Lots!
Large Glitter Cartridge An explosion of coloured glitter pieces. As above but metallic and static prone.
Visual - Standard Pods
Coloured Smokes A dense plume of vividly coloured smoke. Avalible as available in white, red, blue, yellow, green, orange and violet. Medium lasts ~7s large about 30s!
Mini Flame The smallest flame projector lasts 2s and is about 1m tall and 0.5m wide. Like a large blowtorch
Small Flame Projector An intense column of orange flame, only 0.2m wide but 2m high lasts about 2s. Sweeeet!
Noises - Standard Pods
Whistler Cartridge This effect emits a loud whistling noise. A bit naff really
Theatrical Flash A bang, a white flash and a white cloud of smoke. Again, pyro as we know it.
Loud Report A loud bang and flash with no fallout. Heartattack stuff.

There are more pyros but Dinner calls I will add more later - User:Grible 19:06, 22 March 2006 (GMT)