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when i have more time, i shall

- add more pictures of the different components and fix the picture with 'thechbox')

- add more detail to the cable map (and add till)

- add more detail about the panic alarm

Does anyone think this article should be renamed to something else? e.g. Phone System

Communication i think is the wrong title

But it's a great article... excellent bed time reading


It will include detales of the panic allarm and doorbell which are not phones (they all run of the same power source) comunication was the only think i could think of that covered them all

That's a fair point... maybe "Internal Wiring" or "Telephones and Panic Alarm Wiring"

When I first saw an article about communication I was thinking it was something to do with, well, not sure really, perhaps Bedlam communication like a list of email adddys or something


How about spliting the different sections into different articles and then create a new category called "communications" or likewise? - Mark

all the systems are connected, so i don't want to split them