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I'm a life member.

That's "N-e-i-l-space-E.-space-H-o-b-b-s", thank'ye very much.

I'll fix it. The list appears to be in chronological order, whereabouts should you go Mr. Hobbs? -Colleen

Hmm, the list is not in any particular order actually... I just sort of happened. Nick

Is that what your parents told you? Harsh. -Xander

Lol. IT just sort of happened. D'oh. Nick

Ooh, a very partial list. Have you no sense of history? Signed, a life member from the eighties (anon)

no we dont, fancy helping us?

Dear Life Member from the eighties. Please would you kindly email me any information that should be added to this list... Nick

Could be added as of yesterday: Michael Whitham, Tom Paul, Ishbel McFarlane, Alex Engel, Dave Larking

Colleen: I thought you had access to edit the page yourself? --amar 17:24, 28 February 2008 (UTC)