Talk:Powering Up and Powering Down the Sound System

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I have removed the following line from the notes section as what is says is questionable...

This is best practice only to avoid a "pop" through the amps and desk. It doesn't damage the equipment if you don't follow this procedure!


It would be interesting to hear why it doesn't damage the equipment. Any pop is within all system tolerances - unsightly and unpreferred but not damaging.

Firstly, could we all sign our comments with a name so we know whos saying what.

I was thinking that a pop will probably not do much harm to any of the kit except possibly the speakers? Specifically the speaker cone?


I thought the compressor was there to stop damage, it's true it won't damage stuff (but it's not a good practice to encourage!) Grible 10:24, 18 March 2006 (GMT)