Café Staffing Guidelines

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  • Put the grills on the landing on the stairs opposite the box office.
  • Turn all the lights, water heaters, chillers etc. on.
  • Sweep the café floor and behind the servery, then set out the tables and stools.
  • Set out the chocolate bars, sweets and crisps (restocking if necessary).
  • Restock the chiller with cans if necessary.
  • Put the coffee machine on.
  • Check there is milk (and it hasn’t gone off). If there isn’t any, go and buy some with money from the till, making sure the receipt is put in the till afterwards.
  • Write the prices on the blackboard.

Once the building is open

  • Make sure everything goes through the till in the right category.
  • Press the price (in pence) then the category – sweets/snacks, cold drinks etc. Once all the items have been rung through press Subtotal. Then enter the amount they have given you and press cash. The amount of change you need to give them will show on the display.
  • Do the washing up and clean the tables.

To Cash up

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This has probably changed, can someone who knows how the new till works please fix? --amar 17:16, 15 December 2008 (UTC)

  • Turn the key to X1/Z1 then 9 then Cash. This produces a big receipt and has the z-reading on it.
  • Count the money and fill out a cash up sheet. Remember to deduct all expenses (milk etc) and include the receipt in the money bag.
  • Enter the z-reading onto the cash-up sheet and calculate the discrepancy between what you have and what you should have.
  • Sign the sheet and put the money into money bags along with a piece of paper saying café takings, the total amount, the date, the show and how many bags of money there are.

To close up

  • Empty the bins.
  • Put the chocolate and sweets away.
  • Turn everything off.
  • Make sure all the surfaces are clean then stack the tables away.