Electrical Tape

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AKA: LX tape, Leccy

Electrical Insulation Tape can usually be found in the pockets of most techies. Uses include taping cables to the rig, wrapping cables up, hiding bare bits of wire (No! Just No.), strapping gel frames together and attaching unsuspecting victims to unmovable objects.

LX is used on the cables to mark their length, we use a similar system to Blacklight except we don't include red or yellow, which are on all cables to indicate that they belong to Bedlam. Lengths are always rounded down and if there are two bands, then the lengths are added.

length Bedlam Colour Black Light Colour
0.5m Orange -
1m Brown Brown
2m White White
3m Purple Purple
5m Blue Blue
10m Green Yellow
20m - Green
50m - Red

LX tape is also used to identify the owner of tools; the table below shows some of the combinations

Tape Colours Owner Notes
Red/Yellow Bedlam
Yellow/Green F.O.B. Friends of Bedlam Toolkit (Striped/Earth Tape)
Blue/Red Black Light
Yellow/Black Dave Larking ex-Theatre Manager
Red-Black-Red Duncan Grieve Moved On to better things.
Purple/Black Alistair Marshall Please Sir can I have my <insert tool> back?
Green/Black Richard Bell I hereby claim the fore-mentioned colours for my stuff!
Black/Red/Black Mark Gerrard ...see it, find it? Give it back...
Green/Black Heather Hanshaw I hereby re-claim the fore-mentioned colours from Richard cos i was here first! xx
Green/Black/Green Claire Freake My AJ had a band of bright green lx. Then it went missing at NSDF. Damn.
Blue/White Alex Engel These colours were hijacked with consent from David Illsley.
Blue/Silver Xander (like "Cher") Maybe I should put my colours on my LX tape...
Blue/Green Denise Wood I'm reserving this in advance for the tools I will someday have!
Blue/Black/Red Alex 'Mal' Mead I know have lots of stuff but none of it is tagged
Yellow/Brown Neale Dutton They're not Terry's they are mine.
Blue/Blue ML Event Services (And Dave Moffat) We hire many many things....
Orange/White Felix Trench Inspired.
White/Black/White Jamie McQuilkin Like MJ - white on the outside, black on the inside
Red/Green Ewan JD Connor Red and Green - The colours of seats and trees.
Blue/Yellow James Lamont GO FOR THE EYES BOO, GO FOR THE EYES!!!
Red/Orange Gordon Nimmo-Smith Don't copy him!
Red/Red Ben Hussey Because I have a wiki account.
Yellow/Green/Purple Adam Alton That'd be earth tape and purple, so remember it, don't use it and return it if you see it
Brown/Brown Roz Perkins Because I'm a live wire
Blue (Neutral Phase Marking Tape) Neville Billimoria So, it's blue, BUT with little N's in it. Cos I'm Neville. And cool that way..... (What a blatant lie!)

LX tape can be used to write on. If a lantern breaks please put some tape on it, write what is wrong with it and leave it on the back desk of the techbox. If the mode of failure is not known mark the item FUCT - Failed Under Constant Testing!!