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It's bad. See also Fire_Procedure

Fire Alarm

There is one sounder in the dressing room because we can’t have a sounder in a public place and there is a flashing red light in the auditorium which is the reason we have indoor hall keepers. There are four break glass points which should be checked and logged weekly. The box sometimes shows fault and needs reset. The University wants us to get a new one but has done nothing about it as yet.

Fire Exits

By Law we must have at least two fire exits from the auditorium which must be suitably illuminated by maintained lighting and at least 1.2m wide. We cannot have anyone or thing obstructing these exits. The ones we use are the exit to Forest Road and the one through the toilet corridor, the route through the café is dodgy due the loose nature of the furniture but it is still good practice to keep it clear. We've been told by EUSA that the door leading out of the dressing room stage left onto Forrest Road should be a fire exit, and thus must be kept un-padlocked while people are in the building. However, the door still opens inwards and it doesn't have a fire exit sign, so we're simply waiting on EUSA to fix this grumble.

Fire Extinguishers

We have eight:

  • Six water
    1. Auditorium stage Right
    2. Auditorium stage Left
    3. Cafe
    4. Toilet Corridor
    5. Backstage stairs
    6. Stage Left Balcony
  • And two CO2 Extinguishers
    1. Beside the fuse cupboard
    2. On the outer wall of the tech box stage right (lighting desk side)

They are checked and refilled frequently by the University people, make sure and report to the University fire inspectors if they are discharged and make a note in the fire alarm book.


Fire Inspector speak for 'a big pile of shit.' Because a big pile of shit will burn more easily than, say, nothing.