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Key Holders

The police need a list of people that they can contact in the event of them needing access to the building. It must consist of at least three people living at different addresses who can give access to anywhere on the property. We normally give four names, normally the Theatre Manager, President, Tech manager and Business Manager so for this reason these people should have keys to all the doors in the place.

Side door

The lock on the side door is a security yale and we should not be able to make copies. The locksmith in Leith on Easter Road will make copies for around £10 each. These copies can then be duplicated for about £5 each.

Keys, Interior

The Theatre Manager should know exactly who has keys to what and where. It is sensible to keep spares of everything in the key safe so that as long as you have a key to the key safe you can get anywhere. The normal price for copying keys is £2.50 for yale types and £3.00 for mortice keys.