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During workins/getouts, you might get hungry and require substanance, here is a quick guide... you could also visit one of our local Pubs

Bobby's Sandwich Bar

Any hot food other than soup will take a while, but the cold sarnie selection is inventive and tasty. Try the fire-roasted tomato chicken. Lentil soup is a recurring favourite (small cup: £1.20, large cup: £1.50). The waiting bench is not comfortable, but the staff are reasonably attractive.


A Turkish take-away located on the stage right side of the Bedlam triangle selling burgers, pizza and kebabs. They are open to 3am most mornings and later on Fridays and Saturdays making them the latest opening take away around.

Central Fish and Chip Shop

Located on the back of the Bedlam Triangle it is the techie take away of choice, serving pizza, pasta, burgers, potatoes as well as chip stuff.

El Falafel

For something also not cooked in grease, and without the stylistic and monetary repercussions of walking into Favorit, El Falafel serves cheapish falafel with actual salad, plus some other rather healthy options. It's on the Forest café side of Bedlam, next to the Hotel du Vin.


For something that isn't cooked in grease, Favorit, next to Doctors, does quite nice cafe food (including nachos) to take away. It's good for "beautiful" people but for any self respecting technician, it really should not be an option for food. They are open quite late as they are also a bar. Any self respecting technician, however, should make use of this late bar service!

Forest Café

Commonly regarded as full of dirty hippies by Bedlam members, Forest café serves very cheap beans on toast (on an actual plate, too!), and has free wireless for those times when Bedlam's is cut off due to non-payment or gets drilled through by builders. It is, however, full of dirty hippies.


Cappas may win on the chips front, but the pakora battle has only one real competitor. They also have a TV.


It's a Subway. It tastes like every other Subway.


Japanese resto next to Bobby's pub. They do Bento box take-aways at the higher end of the price range - you may even have to dip your toes in double figures.

Uncle T

This tantalising Tunisian take-away cooks corking cous-cous. If you're lucky, Aunty T will be present and happy to chew your ears off about the state of the planet for half an hour. Try the sticky toffee pudding. Don't get the good uncle started on the subject of chippies.