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Tools help you do things. Bedlam owns some, most of them are functional rather than fancy though this is changing albeit very slowly.

The set manager is responsible for tools and the workshop in general as well as the balconies. Consult him/her if you want help.

Most of the nice stuff you see lying around belongs to members so try and learn their colour codes so you know who to ask when you need something.

We only have one decent working power drill (the DeWalt). This is crap and we ought to by another one.

Keep tools tidy, put them back where you found them unless that place was obviously wrong. When in doubt, ask the Set Manager where stuff goes. S/he would much rather be asked than you just chuck it somewhere even if s/he acts annoyed when first asked.


You use them for hitting and removing nails. Bedlam currently owns four. They can also be used for percussive maintenance.


Some people consider them to be torches but they are so much more than that. There are several sizes, the mini which takes 2 AA batteries and most techies carry at all times, mainly to stir their Black Techies and the D-Cell which comes in several sizes, from 2 to 6 which not only provide large amounts of light but also double as hammers (See Hammer) and can allegedly be useful if staff are assaulted.


An all purpose tool which comprises several functions, the most standard one being pliers, blades and screwdrivers. They are also available as AJ, blades and screwdrivers. The techie’s multitool of choice is the leatherman.


These are generally wrenches with full-circle (often double-sided) ratcheting heads, attached to a tapered rod for lining up holes and, well, podging with. They are very useful for putting up scaff, but be careful to get one in the right size. 21 is scaff, 17 is steeldeck and 19 is everything else worth podging, such as certain truss clamps, metrodeck etc.


Boring thing for putting screws into bits of wood, there are two main types to worry about, slot and crosshead. With crosshead coming in PoziDrive and Phillips. Techies tend to prefer pozi because you get a better grip. If using a powered driver (See SPT) try not to use slotted screws because you will find that unless you get the exact centre of the screw you will lose grip.


Standing for "adjustable," an AJ is a type of spanner which has a spiral cog which allows you to change the size of the spanner. Less hassle to carry around than a selection of spanners but not quite as easy to use, the reduction in weight normally decides the matter.


Basically a double-ended version of a podger, minus podging bit. Some techies carry these instead of AJs. It is wise not to enter into a discussion about the merits of this.