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Being a converted church, the Bedlam suffers from massive windows. Previously, the windows were blacked out with velvet maroon curtains with drawstrings attached. These curtains, more dust than fabric, were replaced Fringe 2006. The new curtains are fireproofed black wool serge, which is only a problem in that there are some irregularities in the fabric, resulting in light coming through. There is wood running along the outside of the windowframe, attached to the wall. The curtains are currently attached with staples. Each curtain is 1.5m x 4.5m, at its longest. The windows are only about 2.5m wide, so this gives some overlap in the middle and at the bottom. We used a 6m scaff tower from Generations to put them up and it took 7 days. The curtains were replaced by Alex Engel, Tom Latter, Richard Bell, Helena Larkin, Charlotte Jarvis, Matt Wieteska, Ruth Wilkinson, with emergency aid from Charlotte Coles and Clemmie Cooke. Alistair tried but did silly things like give blood so wasn’t allowed to work at ‘dangerous heights’