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Lighting a show is... wait for it... the part that involves shining light on the actors and set to make them a) visible and b) pretty. Often fun, sometimes frustrating, always rewarding. Bedlam has lots of lanterns to make this possible and when not in use they can usually be found hanging on the lantern store.

The Rig

Bedlam has a scaffolding rig comprising 6 lighting bars parallel to the stage and four others at right angles. There are 84 15a circuits spread over the six bars. These are connected through conduit to the patch board next to dimming. Two extra circuits were added to the patch board which terminate in the drop-box in the stage cupboard; next to these sockets are two extensions which run to the downstage trapdoor.


Bedlam owns 8 x Zero88 Betapacks, giving 48 channels of control. The Dimmer racks are powered by a 63A three phase supply broken into eight single-phase 63A supplies (one for each dimmer) along balcony left. A ninth is available, but often trips it's RCD when in use because it has all the venue lighting on it (red phase).

See also: History of Bedlam's Power Supply

House Lights

The house lights of Bedlam comprise of eight downlights connected by 5A wiring. Theses are permanently plugged into channel 48 of dimming; in previous years, control of the house lights was on a single fader connected to a dimmer box next to the set of breaker cicuits halfway down the stage right balcony.

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