Bedlam Fringe

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Every August the Bedlam turns professional and opens up as Fringe Venue 49.

Here's a history of the people involved...

Fringe 2012

  • Fringe Venue Manager: Adam Alton
  • Theatre Manager: Ella Guest
  • Technical Manager: Alex Morrison
  • Press and Publicity Manager: Mihaela Bodlovic
  • Front Of House Manager: Sarah Hilmy
  • IT Manager: Lewis Eason
  • Illustrator: Bronwen Bender
  • Box Office Managers: Emma Connolly and Kirstyn Petras
  • Cafe Managers: Bonnie C. Aspinwall and Katy McCalister

Fringe 2011

  • Fringe Venue Manager: Debbie Hicks
  • Theatre Manager: Izzie Sullivan
  • Technical Manager: Stuart Houston
  • Press and Publicity Manager: Camille Acosta
  • Front Of House Manager: Inga Rudzitis
  • Accounts Manager: Lisa Parr
  • Graphic Designer: Camille Acosta
  • Box Office Managers: Rosie Curtis and Serin Ibrahim
  • Cafe Managers: Ailis Duff and Harriet Flitcroft

Fringe 2010

  • Fringe Venue Manager: Nicola Hazelton
  • Theatre Manager: Adam Alton
  • Technical Manager: Ewan Connor
  • Press and Publicity Manager: Debbie Hicks
  • Business Manager: Zoe Brown
  • Graphic Designer: Camille Acosta
  • Box Office Managers: Inga Rudzitis and Rosa Earp
  • Cafe Managers: Ellen Gledhill and Beth Friend
  • IT Systems Manager: Xander Macmillan
  • Box Office Staff: Alexander Morrison, Sallie Chedburn, Venice Van Someren, Anna Ashton, Alex Wetherall, Amy Brewer, Dylan Read, Naomi Lawrence and Louise Casson
  • Cafe Staff: Sally Gascoigne, Tom Fardon, Emily O'Connor, Hannah Rastall and Frazer Jackson

Fringe 2009

  • Fringe Venue Manager: Sam Hansford
  • Theatre Manager: George Ransley
  • Technical Manager: Adam Alton
  • Press and Publicity Manager: Nicola Hazelton
  • Business Manager: Chris Payne
  • Box Office Managers: Fran Walker and Fred Gordon
  • Graphic Designer: Nick Kay
  • Cafe Managers: Lucy Sproul-Cran, Zoe Brown and Felix Trench
  • IT Systems Manager: Xander Macmillan
  • Box Office Staff: Nick Masters-Waage, Lisa Jamison, Rosa Earp, Alex Cory, Emma Walford, Ellie Chalmers, Neville Billimoria, Kate Jagger, Gabi Jones
  • Cafe Staff: Pam Morris, Heidi Goldsmith, Criosa Houston, Martynas Serys-Kubertavicius

Fringe 2008

  • Fringe Venue Manager: Colleen Patterson
  • Theatre Manager: Mal Mead
  • Technical Manager: Sam Hansford
  • Press and Publicity Manager: Becs Kamp
  • Business Manager: Fran Walker
  • Graphics Designer: Nick Kay
  • Box Office Managers: Lauren McLeod and Xander Macmillan
  • Cafe Managers: Cat Hobart and Ellie Harrison
  • Box Office Staff: Liz Black, Dylan Read, Fred Gordon, Emma Pattinson, Ellie Richardson, Nicola Hazelton, Lucy Sneddon, Maredith Close
  • Cafe Staff: Amy Brewer, Alex Hatt, Carley Stubbs, Emily Jenkinson


  • Repainted office and redid committee pigeonholes
  • New Sunday opening times on sunday afternoons with pub quiz and café entertainment
  • Installed new seats
  • Renovated and refinished the seating rake
  • Laid new carpet in the auditorium
  • Reskinned the stage (we totally do this every year)
  • Re-finished the stage's risers with 18mm plywood
  • Spray-painted the rig black for stealth
  • Moved the Balconies#Lantern_Store to the dimmers
  • Rebuilt the cafe servery
  • Partially restored and re-varnished cafe floor
  • Rebuilt cafe boards
  • Fixed the bulge in the cafe wall


Fringe 2007

  • Fringe Venue Manager: Matt Wieteska
  • Theatre Manager: Colleen Patterson
  • Technical Manager: Neale Dutton
  • Press and Publicity Manager: Lucy Jackson
  • Graphics Designer: Nick Kay
  • Sponsorship Manager: Becs Kamp
  • Box Office Managers: Alex Hall and Mike Smith
  • Cafe Managers: James "Bruce" Sinclair and Holly Mclay
  • Box Office Staff: Lauren McLeod, Kate Wieteska, Felix Trench, Reg Scott, Chloe Edworthy, Mairi Kellock, Cat Hoyle, Becs Kamp
  • Cafe Staff: Lauren Fried, Becca Day-Preston, Chris Cotter, Craig Hamilton


Fringe 2006

  • Fringe Venue Manager: Charlotte Jarvis
  • Theatre Manager: Alex Engel
  • Technical Manager: Matt Wieteska
  • Press and Publicity Manager: Simon Hodges
  • Graphics Designer: Chris Mounsey
  • Box Office Managers: Helena Larkin and Tom Latter
  • Café Managers: Clemmie Cooke and Charlotte Coles
  • Box Office Staff: Cat Hoyle, James Turner Inman, Richard Shore, Katy Bartholomew, Colleen Patterson, Natalia Prochnicka and Geraldine Heaney
  • Cafe Staff:


  • Replaced blackout curtains on balcony with new black fabric
  • New coffee machine with fancy coffee capabilities for cafe
  • Built large schedule chalkboards for outside
  • Painted office white and blue
  • Reskinned the stage

Fringe 2005

  • Fringe Venue Manager: Claire Glendenning
  • Theatre Manager: James Turner-Inman
  • Technical Manager: Paul Foxcroft
  • Press and Publicity Manager: Andrew Nielson
  • Graphics Designer: Chris Mounsey
  • Box Office Managers: Heather Hanshaw + Nick Bustin
  • Café Managers: Graeme Wright + Becca Davis
  • Box Office Staff: Jeremy Bidgood, Rob Stott, Rosie Drew, Alex Engel, Charlotte Jarvis
  • Cafe Staff: Emma Drage,


  • Replaced carpet in auditorium with carpet tiles
  • New freezer
  • Improved box office system with thermal ticket printer and new software
  • Re-hung rig (termtime budget?)
  • Created trus-based awning for front of building (sponsored by Becks)
  • Installed ADSL internet connection, network cabling and wireless network
  • Loads of painting
  • Improved soundproofing in between café and auditorium around the door
  • Pimped up the office
  • New storage solutions in techbox and balcony for screws and stuff
  • Various new bits and bobs for the café e.g. tea light lanterns
  • Purchase of Dog (who is a rabbit) [and is very cute]
  • Re-skinned stage
  • Sanded down and varnished cafe floor

Fringe 2004

  • Fringe Venue Manager: Miriam Raines
  • Theatre Manager: Matt Gray
  • Technical Manager: James Turner-Inman
  • Press and Publicity Manager:
  • Graphics Designer:
  • Box Office Managers: Paul Foxcroft, Martin Cavanagh
  • Café Managers:
  • Box Office Staff:
  • Cafe Staff:

Fringe 2003

  • Fringe Venue Manager: Cat Smith
  • Theatre Manager: Jono Ellis
  • Technical Manager: Matt Ling
  • Press and Publicity Manager: Sarah Cook
  • Graphics Designer/Website: Neil E. Hobbs
  • Box Office Managers: Alison Timms and Kirsten Morris
  • Café Managers: Victoria Tills and Kati Hind
  • Box Office Staff:
  • Cafe Staff:


  • New potato oven and chiller cabinet for cafe
  • New sound system - two speakers, mini disc players, new MC2 amp, graphics - paid for by profit from Fringe 2002 (!)
  • New level in costume cupboard - see graffiti!
  • Skinned stage cupboard for the first time and removed wall and rail allowing it to become a stage pit
  • Redid cafe and toilets
  • Installed fan in cafe to improve ventilation
  • Obtained two microwaves
  • Redid kitchen - repainted and tiled walls, obtained new oven and hobs
  • Cut down number of EUTC slots to two
  • Held first FOB AGM
  • Held first full preview week schedule
  • Held art exhibition in collabaration with ECA
  • Bought picnic table to extend cafe area (buy a new one!)
  • Made more money than Graeme Timms (sorry long standing debate!)

Fringe 2002

  • Fringe Venue Manager: Graeme Timms
  • Theatre Manager: Richard Hogg
  • Technical Manager: Matt Gray
  • Press and Publicity Manager: Neil E. Hobbs
  • Graphics Designer/Website: Neil E. Hobbs
  • Box Office Managers: Pete Lowden and Sarah Kerr
  • Café Managers: Cat Smith and Rachel Mountfield
  • Box Office Staff:
  • Cafe Staff:


  • Replaced damaged floorboards on stage during re-skinning
  • Dug out back passage and laid path and red chips round that side of building
  • Re-built box office counter
  • Installed Tramp-Cam
  • Much re-wiring of light fittings and sockets
  • Computerised the Box office ticketing system
  • Built the Info-Cat - (He never quite became a cat)
  • Replaced lighting in toilets
  • Rebranded Bedlam Fringe as a separate entity from term-time operation
  • First website with up-to-date reviews, show info, etc
  • Much painting
  • Consumption of the more Caley Golden Promise that the Cash and Carry could stock!!